Wednesday 26 October 2011

Together in...Boulogne Billancourt

Boulogne Billancourt was for 24 hours the European Responsible Communication capital.

Sidièse welcomed, on the 14th of October, its close friends from Creative Concern (Manchester, UK), Fairkehr (Bonn, DE) and Yuluka (Brussels, BE) for an exchange of experiences, ideas, and projects.

There was good food and fresh drinks too.

The wealth in knowledge and ambition from each agency created genuine dynamism and extra motivation.

These too few moments together reinforced our belief that Do Not Smile has a real future.

Sidièse wants to thank Do Not Smile for coming. C’était un véritable plaisir.

Et...ce n’est que le commencement.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiring weekend with Do Not Smile at Sidièse.